People ask me questions. Here are some answers

Q. How much do you charge for writing and/or directing?
A. Honestly, it varies. I take assignments either for a flat fee or for a daily rate--and both are negotiable. It can end up being anywhere from $500 to $1,500 a day. Whatever I charge, I want to make sure I'm worth more to you than you pay.

Q. Do you ever work "on spec"?
A. Usually not on any but my own projects. I do take meetings, listen to requirements, make suggestions and develop proposals (including treatments) for serious prospects. But I very rarely write or direct a full project on spec. There's this mortgage and grocery bills and stuff like that, you know?

Q. I have a great idea for a blockbuster feature film. Will you write a script for me so I can sell it to a studio? What would you charge?
A. No thank you, I'm not interested in ghostwriting your feature. Perhaps it's time for a reality check:

1) Everybody has a great idea for a blockbuster film, even me. Ideas are easy; writing is hard.

2) If you are not already in the industry your chances of selling a feature film to a studio are only slightly above zero.

3) Feature screenwriters are paid a lot of money. The current Writers Guild minimum for an original screenplay, including treatment, for a film budgeted at more than $5,000,000 is $113,626.

Best of luck with your project.

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