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Free advice is usually worth the price, but here you'll find some tips from a veteran filmmaker about writing--in general and for corporate videos in particular. Free advice that may actually be worth something. Just click on the typewriter icon next to an article summary to read the full text.

Click Here Focus, Focus, Focus
One of the most common problems with corporate videos is that they lack focus; they try to convey too much information or they fail to deliver a clear, succinct, compelling and memorable message.

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Some Thoughts On Applied Humor
In many ways the world right now is not a very funny place and the world of business seems particularly morose. At times like these a dose of humor can be especially good and welcome medicine.

Click Here MBA-speak
MBA-speak finds its way into radio and television spots, corporate videos--even web banner ads. It's deadly boring and--worse--doesn't really communicate anything. I've heard many a spot lately with MBA-speak dialog and I can't help wondering if the writers (and their clients) have ever actually experienced a conversation with another human being.

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The Hardest Part of Writing
Writing is hard work, but as Samuel Johnson explained, "What is written without effort is read without pleasure." For some people, writing seems almost effortless. Take Isaac Asimov, for example...
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